EdnaB_Julie-1The Edna B. Fashion with Dignity collection of adaptive clothing was developed in 1989 by Julie Lawson. This fashion collection was inspired by her grandmother, Edna Brown, an active and attractive woman who, due to age and disability, struggled to dress herself.

Throughout her life, Edna B. was always at her best after she put on her stockings, dress, earrings, and lipstick each morning, but age had turned the life-giving ritual of getting ready into a time-consuming and painful process. Julie recognized that her grandmother must only be one of many women facing this disheartening life change.

Out of the marriage of Julie’s love for her grandmother and her desire to provide this special woman, and others like her, the Edna B. stylish adaptive clothing line was born. Edna B. is an adaptive clothing collection that combines functionality and fashion. Julie’s philosophy behind Edna B. is that women needn’t sacrifice beauty, dignity, or independence due to age or debility. Her mission: Fashion with Dignity.

Julie embarked on several years of research to understand how some diseases cause disability and affect women’s mobility. Her vision for Edna B. Fashion with Dignity includes functional and flattering elements such as:

  • Shoulder pads in tops, blouses, and jackets, which define the shoulders and create the illusion of beautiful posture (removable, too)
  • Straight and wedge-shaped dresses and shirts, which create the most flattering silhouettes on mature bodies
  • Her unique designs provide wider side openings than traditional zipper openings for greater access.  Some pants and skirt styles actually have openings on both sides which can benefit a woman’s unique challenges
  • Elastic waistbands with VELCRO® brand closures facilitate comfort, ease, and adjustability
  • Extended crotches in pants, which provide comfort while seated and accommodate personal hygiene concerns

Since 1989 Julie has always kept an eye toward fashion while developing the Edna B. collection of adaptive clothing. With Julie’s guiding principle of Fashion with Dignity, she has carefully considered the design, cut, fabric selection, and the unique capabilities of the many women wearing her collection for each Edna B. garment.

Julie has built Edna B. Fashion with Dignity with a commitment to her customers. She encourages telephone questions and consultation. She wants to personally help every customer find the piece or ensemble that is just perfect for them and their situation. To Julie, every customer is Edna B.! Call today: (269) 641-8131 or Contact Us.

Edna B. is committed to supporting the advancement of research. You may select one of the following charities at check out, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

  • Arthritis Foundation
  • Parkinson’s Foundation
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

At Edna B. you never have to worry, we offer a 30 day guarantee.*

If you or the person the clothing was purchased for is not fully satisfied, you may return it for an Exchange, Merchandise Refund, or Credit. Simply call Edna B. at (269) 641-8131.  Please note that we will only accept purchased items that have not been worn, laundered or altered.

At Edna B. we understand that purchasing clothing for others can be challenging and we want your entire shopping experience with us to be stress-free.


My first sewing lesson from Edna B, my grandmother