• $79.00

    Crop Pant

    The Crop Pant is sassy, fun, sporty, casual, and fresh.  It has the same body as the wide-leg pant, only shorter.  Because of this, it may work as a full-length pant for a petite person.
  • $89.00

    Pleated Pant

    2121 Pleated Pant Edna B’s Pleated Pant is our best-selling pant and features a timeless, classic style. It offers a full cut at the hip through the thigh and tapers slightly to the shoe and helps to conceal tummy and hips. This pant has a tailored ...
  • $89.00

    Trouser Pant

    The Trouser Pant is the fashion pant of the Edna B. collection.  This garment fits closer to the body and has a straight slimmer leg. The waistline, has elastic all the way around and is incorporated into the fabric.  It opens on the left. Darts co ...
  • $89.00

    Wide Leg Pant

    The Wide-leg Pant is styled with a fuller leg from hip to floor for a clean elegant look which works beautifully with a short or long jacket or a blouse worn over the pant. This pant has a full elastic waistband which opens on the left. Special dra ...