• $79.00

    Crop Pant

    The Crop Pant is sassy, fun, sporty, casual, and fresh.  It has the same body as the wide-leg pant, only shorter.  Because of this, it may work as a full-length pant for a petite person.
  • $89.00

    Pleated Pant

    2121 Pleated Pant Edna B’s Pleated Pant is our best-selling pant and features a timeless, classic style. It offers a full cut at the hip through the thigh and tapers slightly to the shoe and helps to conceal tummy and hips. This pant has a tailored ...
  • Pleated Short

    This unique knee-length pleated short has a tailored front waistband with an elastic back. The two side openings give you an option of using the left, right, or both openings depending on your personal abilities. The waistband has an additional 12 ...
  • $79.00

    Pull-On Pant

    The Pull-on Pant has a full elastic waistband, opens on the left, is full through the hip and thigh, and tapers to the shoe. The more updated version of this style is the Trouser Pant.
  • $89.00

    Trouser Pant

    The Trouser Pant is the fashion pant of the Edna B. collection.  This garment fits closer to the body and has a straight slimmer leg. The waistline, has elastic all the way around and is incorporated into the fabric.  It opens on the left. Darts co ...
  • $89.00

    Wide Leg Pant

    The Wide-leg Pant is styled with a fuller leg from hip to floor for a clean elegant look which works beautifully with a short or long jacket or a blouse worn over the pant. This pant has a full elastic waistband which opens on the left. Special dra ...