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The most important feature of the epaulette dress in the Edna B. collection is the fact that it is put on feet first and pulled up rather than going on over the head, which can affect one’s balance. The dress is designed without a waistline which enables the hemline to hang as straight as possible regardless of posture. It’s more fashionable as well as comfortable because it grazes the hipline without accentuating the waistline. The epaulette dress has extended arm holes which are good for someone with limited shoulder and arm movement and the dress has removable shoulder pads which are important to define the shoulder and create the appearance of beautiful posture. Completing the epaulette dress is a stylish stand collar, epaulettes with buttons on the shoulder, set-in sleeve, a faux breast pocket, and two large hidden side pockets. The buttons on the epaulette dress conceal VELCRO ® closures which are easily fastened and eliminate the struggle of putting a button into a buttonhole or reaching a back zipper. Kick pleats have been added in the back and the dress is hemmed below the knee. Machine washable, the epaulette dresses maintenance is simple and affordable.

We have taken great care in designing the Edna B. dresses to keep fashion as our main focus and dignity as our objective. The result is the Edna B. collection being designed with style in mind for every woman and with added functionality for women with limited mobility. Edna B. is an elegant, classic look that will make any woman feel beautiful!

VELCRO ® brand is a registered trademark of VELCRO Industries B. V.


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Island Blue, Midnight Navy, Red, Ruby Pink, Seafoam, Shell Pink


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